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Friday, May 2, 2014


*run towards my blog* I miss you my baby bloggie *kiss hug* hahahaha , it been for a while I didn't post anything even visit you , really sorry baby bloggie , but whatever it is here I am *big smile* It already May 2014 , how time flies . There lots of thing happen to me , firstly , I already got my SPM result . What I can say about my result is ... I really thankful and most importantly I can make my ibu and ayah happy with my result :)) and right now I'm waiting for the UPU results , wish me the best you guys . Okay , you know what , I already got my P lisence !!! *screaming* feel so excited that I'm a new driver this year , hehehe you know right I always dream that I can drive someday and now my wish comes true :D now that I already have my car lisence , I want a car for me and in pink colour can ahhh ??? okay gedikkkk , hahahaha too much . But right now , I just drive ayah's car . It not like I not being thankful but ayah's car is in manual , it so hard for me . I need auto car *sigh* P/s : ayah please read this okay . hehehe , hah before I forget , know what , I cannot forget the night that I spend with my bestfriends gang , Nisa , Hannan and Saiful at MCD after it been a long time we didn't meet but it not complete actually without Bieya , Hany and Asilah . Thanks to Hannan for treating us , of course I got TripleCheeseBurger one set with McFlurry , goshhhh I still miss the moment that I spend with them and if course I miss during I go jogging with Hany , Hannan and Saiful at TT . Nisa cancelled last minute and she already promise me something , hahahahaha please don't forget Nisa or else ... lalallala ~ :P All my bestfriends are busy with their work except me , I'm lifeless since ayah and ibu won't let me go to work but it not like I just sit at home doing nothing . Sometimes I will read novels , watch movies of course lah kan , hear music , sleep , or doing something that will make me less bored . hahahaha , goshhh how sad my life right now while waiting for the UPU results . But it not that sad actually since ayah and ibu send me to class while waiting for the results . But I need my bestfriends to join the class too . hahahaha , being mengada-ngada right now . I think I better stop now or else gonna banyak merapu , hehehe xoxo , S♥