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Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Braces Girl ♥

From now on you can call me a braces girl . Hahaha no lah just kidding . I am now officially wearing braces almost 2 weeks . Let me tell a little bit about when I started to wear braces . Ahaaa before I forgot , the dentist had to pull off my teeth and guess what , 4 tooth being pulled off from my gum T.T At first appointment 1 teeth , the second ones 2 teeth and the third appointment 1 last teeth . Ohh yeahhh finally finished , I feel the pain like hell , I hate injection like f*cking seriously . At 11 August I have appointment to wear braces but just at above . After wearing it , I don't feel comfortable at all and sometime I feel the pain but lucky the doctor already gave me the pain reliever pill . But seriously compared to the pain teeth being pulled off , it nothing much . I just ate instant porridge at that time since I stay at the rent house . I still having class for the next day . And at 27 August , finally I get to wear the braces at the below . Now my braces is completed , and guess what the rubber band for my braces in my favourite colour , PINK :D xoxo S

Saturday, June 27, 2015


SEM BREAK ALMOST OVER !! It a lies when I say I don't feel sad that the sem break show it ends but positively I wanna start a happy beginning . So lets say that I can't wait for the new sem and who know how time flies that I gonna be at SEM 3 . Excited to be at the Sem 3 but at the same time worried . I need to work hard to pay back what I cannot get during my Sem 2 , it quite make me down but hey that a life . Not every time we at up , sometime we at down just like a wheel . So I don't want to be sad all day long . If I want it , then I should start it freshly . But during my Sem 2 , I really have fun though . Even I got my room level 3 at Kamsis Aishah but I got best roomates ever , Husna , Hanim , Lina and Kak Yana . I even have same bed sheet like Husna and even the mat even our favourite colour is the same , PINK ! I gonna miss the environment at A305 :') But I hope it not the end of our relationship , I want to keep contact with them even we are not in the same room anymore . For my Sem 3 , I will stay at the rent house . Me , Alyaa Rahim and Alyaa Izzati rent the house since we don't get Kamsis . Just 3 of us and we even get our own room . I cannot imagine how I will live at the rent house , even my best friend also cannot imagine it . I guess I need to learn to be independent . But just one things that hard for me to change , going back home at KL every week . Since Sem 1 I become like this . I just can't , I really need to go back home , meet my ibu ayah , sleeping at my own room with the aircond , so I can't help myself . HAHAHAHA . I think my time is over , my ibu already call me to get ready since we gonna shopping . I just hope this Sem gonna be good to me , xoxo , S❤️

Friday, May 2, 2014


*run towards my blog* I miss you my baby bloggie *kiss hug* hahahaha , it been for a while I didn't post anything even visit you , really sorry baby bloggie , but whatever it is here I am *big smile* It already May 2014 , how time flies . There lots of thing happen to me , firstly , I already got my SPM result . What I can say about my result is ... I really thankful and most importantly I can make my ibu and ayah happy with my result :)) and right now I'm waiting for the UPU results , wish me the best you guys . Okay , you know what , I already got my P lisence !!! *screaming* feel so excited that I'm a new driver this year , hehehe you know right I always dream that I can drive someday and now my wish comes true :D now that I already have my car lisence , I want a car for me and in pink colour can ahhh ??? okay gedikkkk , hahahaha too much . But right now , I just drive ayah's car . It not like I not being thankful but ayah's car is in manual , it so hard for me . I need auto car *sigh* P/s : ayah please read this okay . hehehe , hah before I forget , know what , I cannot forget the night that I spend with my bestfriends gang , Nisa , Hannan and Saiful at MCD after it been a long time we didn't meet but it not complete actually without Bieya , Hany and Asilah . Thanks to Hannan for treating us , of course I got TripleCheeseBurger one set with McFlurry , goshhhh I still miss the moment that I spend with them and if course I miss during I go jogging with Hany , Hannan and Saiful at TT . Nisa cancelled last minute and she already promise me something , hahahahaha please don't forget Nisa or else ... lalallala ~ :P All my bestfriends are busy with their work except me , I'm lifeless since ayah and ibu won't let me go to work but it not like I just sit at home doing nothing . Sometimes I will read novels , watch movies of course lah kan , hear music , sleep , or doing something that will make me less bored . hahahaha , goshhh how sad my life right now while waiting for the UPU results . But it not that sad actually since ayah and ibu send me to class while waiting for the results . But I need my bestfriends to join the class too . hahahaha , being mengada-ngada right now . I think I better stop now or else gonna banyak merapu , hehehe xoxo , S♥

Right now

For me his face is like him , I don't know why I can see his face in him . I miss that person so much it hurt :'( xoxo , S♥

Saturday, December 7, 2013

Bored Girl

It only been a week when I started my long holiday since after PD paper , for 2 and 3 days it okay and I having fun , doing nothing , eat , watch movie , reading the novels and all stuff that I like to do but now I feeling so empty , so boring *sigh* some of my friends go to work or even going somewhere but me ? I just stay at my own house , doing nothing . And I actually hate when I don't get myself busy with something since I will be thinking about ' HIM ' . Hmmm , I miss him damn much . Now that I knew how the real feelings when we really separate since we cannot meet each other or in other meaning I don't want to see him anymore I guess *since I want it* , but I knew it good for me :') It take times to forget him since he had been my crush during I'm sixteen years old . Believe or not , I started like him after I look at him in my new school since I switch off from Batu Muda to Seri Gombak and even now when I know it hurt and he never come back to me , I still love him . Stupid girl ! Okay , this is totally a pain for me , I shouldn't . . . seriously . I knew that forgetting someone is a painful process but it was my choice so I will bear with it :) I hope you happy since you already told me that you want us to break off after school over , but I , myself first asking us to break off since I don't have any reason left to defend our relationship since you already told me what your feeling actually to me . You know what , it actually hurt me a lot asking us to break off but since you want it , I know it for your own happiness so I will surrender . Actually , I hear a lot of stories about you that make my heart hurt so deeply but I don't know why I can still remember about someone like you . I just really cannot understand my feelings !! okay , I think this is enough before I reveal all of your stories *no worries , eventhough I want to hate you but I will keep it a secret* , but before that I'm so sorry for talking about you , AA . I just want to get rid of my own feelings , okay after this I will try not to talk about you anymore in my blog since I already can detain myself from stalking you so why I cannot detain myself from writing about you in my blog right ? so GOOD LUCK for me , the one who want to forget you and us . Hope you're happy with your life now , ehh wait why should I hope , you must be totally happy since the day after we break off . ENOUGH IS ENOUGH , stop talking about that boy . Anyway , it not even one day my sister left me since she go back to village , I already miss her . I think I should stop now , feeling so sleepy *yawning* . Should I continue sleep back or should I watch movie ? Whatever , I just will do any one of my favourite things so I won't feel boring . Ohh , before I forget , for the PLKN things , I don't get choosen for Group 1 , as same as for Nisa and Hannan too . Maybe we will get to go in Group 2 or 3 , okay then enough for story about my life now , XOXO S ♥
Hope I have a good dream after this since I already tired having a bad ones ♥

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

15 Oktober 2013

It been a long time right since I post something on my blog , but here I am again posting something . Before that , there are many things happen during my disappearance on this blog :') I totally feel tired with all the circumstance that I have been faced and faced . Seriously , just give me a break . First things that happen that totally change everything is I totally SINGLE since 15 September 2013 , so today is my 1 Month I hold this status . It a lie when I say I don't miss him , or whatever bad things I say about him , I saying all that because I totally want to try to forget about him , the person who don't have feeling toward me . Thanks to those peoples that totally open up my mind and my heart so I don't have to hope or remember anything about him . You all must want to know what the things that those peoples say until I start to make decision to forget about him ? I guess it better I kept it to myself , tak baik buka aib orang . Cuma saya doakan agar dia berubah menjadi lebih baik and bahagia dengan hidup dia . For me it okay , since I mean my heart had been used to all those pain , but it a lie when I say I don't feel anything . For sure I still feel the pain so deeply until I feel that I totally dying inside :') But it okay , I already say that I used to all those pain so someday I will be okay even the scar will left inside my heart . I think I had enough with this love things , I don't want to be a stupid girl anymore who have a heart for a boy , for now I will build up a brick that will prevent me to fall in love again . . . For now I will just enjoy my life with my family , my bestfriends and my friends . I mean it better to be SINGLE since we don't have to take care someone heart , we also don't have to thinks about problem that we shouldn't think in our ages , we also free to friends with anyone , and many other more , so it okay become SINGLE right :) Other than I become single for 1 Month on this day , today also is his birthday . Eventhough now I trying to hate you , it doesn't mean I cannot wish you right ? so yeah Happy Birthday to you , hope all your wishes comes true and May Allah bless you and nahh also forget , during you couple with me you say you liking someone right , I think it a right decision to ask you to break up with me since later ' that girl ' will make your life more meaningful since you love her so much right , I'm here eventhough trying to hate you but no worries I will pray a good things happen in your life . So enjoy your life ! Okay , seriously I need to stop with those things , also today is Hari Raya Aidiladha so ' SELAMAT HARI RAYA AIDILADHA ' everyone , enjoy your raya , eat a lot :P Hah alsoo for Batch 96 like me , just wanna to remind COUNTDOWN SPM : 21 day left , haihhh cuak gilaa kan , nahhh it okay , do well okay , for me too , Good Luck :) P/S : Don't judge me when you don't know what really happen in my life xoxo , S ♥