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Thursday, January 18, 2018

First post in 2018 ♥

How do I begin this ? It been a long time since my last post and there's a lot of things that turn my life upside down but Alhamdulillah I manage to keep it and so here I'm blogging. I really miss to and wanted to update my baby but I quite busy since last year, (let make it short) after I finished my practical for diploma, I work part time at ayah's friend company as account assistant (my first experience of working, since before this ayah and ibu won't let me, but I manage to persuade them) , I don't know about 4 months like that and then I register my degree and continued my studies at KUPTM on September 2017. And today, it about 4 or 5 days after I finished my final paper for the third sem of my degree ( I got an exemption paper so I start my degree with the 3rd sem). And what I can say is it quite stress to study during the final here since before this at KPM we have gap that enough for us to study for next paper but here, I directly got paper from Wednesday until Friday. Only my family know how struggle am I at that times, I even cry wehh believe it or not. But nahh, it in the past so screw over it. So on 17 Jan 2018 (yesterday), I go to Sunway Lagoon with mommy, believe it or not I never play roller coaster or anything in the theme park because my dad is such a protective ones, he just won't let me. I even remember the times we have vacation and he won't let me go to the big pool but I just went to it when he left me for awhile and he get surprised when he see me when he comes back. Lucky that Cik Ana was there so I have someone that backup me. I know he loves me but there's a limit okay ayah, ehehehe sorry for always making you worried but I'm a big girl now, and I'll try to take care of myself ok *blowing massive kiss*. So we arrive Sunway Lagoon around 11 am and we directly change our bikini ehh hahahahaha no lah, just our swimwear after rent our locker. We started to play at amusement park where we started to play Pirate's Revenge, mommy already warned me that she'll fell nauseous if playing that rides but guess what, I'm such a stubborn girl that I insist to play that. And guess what, I feel regret. It fucking scared the hell out of me, I keep screaming and then at one point when it turn to 360 degrees I just keep quiet because I'm too scared that mommy feel worried she keep asking whether I'm okay, but all I can say when this gonna stop. Hahahahaha yeahh I'm scared but I want to experience it by myself :D Then we playing Apache Pots, it not that challenging but I'm having fun so what, hahahahahaha and then we buying ice cream while looking to what we're gonna play for the next rides. So guess what, we're playing roller coaster or known as Lost City of Gold Scream Coaster, hahahaha guess what, I though it not going to be challenging since mommy said that there're no 360 degree but I'm wrong, hahahahaha I keep screaming that I feel like mommy's ear gonna bleed someday, hahahahaha. OMG, it really thrill hahahaha wehhh and guess what my butt feel the pain since I keep bumping with the sit, hahahahaha and then we go to scream park where mommy ask for it. She really want to go to the spooky house and I don't want it but end up agree with her like usual, aigooo. Anything for you mommy :P I didn't lie wehh, I gonna get sore throat and I even feel like I already got the fever. I really scared when we need to watch horror movie and how do you expect me experience it. I feel like want to collapse in there, goshhh I still cannot get over it, fucking scared and all I can hear my voice and mommy's voice scream wehh, other people just I don't know lah. I already tell myself that all the ghost is human, but I keep startled with the unexpected things. Gosh I don't think I can go to spooky house for the 2nd time. That gonna be my first and last experience of it I guess, fullstop !!! Then we go to the water park to calm ourselves, we soak ourselves and playing with the water before we went to get our lunch. Mommy keep feeling hungry, aigooo so she got herself a fried rice with chicken and egg in it and she got me shawarma kebab since I don't feel like to eat rice. Then we continue to play in the water park by playing African Pythons. It making me nervous since it my first time and that guy staff is really friendly that he help me to not feel that scared, well thank you :) It not that scared after all, I manage to have fun hahahahaha. Then mommy suggest us to go and play the Vuvuzela. OMGGGGGGG, it really thrill wehhh hahahahha I cannot help but express it with my screaming, since we go there just 2 of us and Vuvuzela require 4 person so we ride with this old couple of foreigner. I mean wow, the old ones also having fun but didn't even scream that loud, so sorry that you both need to hear us scream, hahahahaha :D Then we went to another ride just like Vuvuzela but not that thrill but still I'm having fun riding it, hahaha and this time we go with kids. Then after finish playing those rides, I asking mommy to go to the suspension bridge. At first it was okay and I'm having fun but then suddenly I feel dizzy hahahahaha I keep holding mommy hand tightly that she saying she feel my grip become more tight when I feel gayat wehh hahahahaha. After finish explore, we just playing in the water. And who realize that guy is such a hot lifeguard hahaahhahaha having a short fling, lol more to attract to him, hahahahaha just a short ones and finish at there. but hoping to meet you if I went there later on ;) Then it time to go back, we take a shower and change and went to get sweet things for us to eat. It our first time trying it after we plan it from our diploma moment and finally hahahahhaa we got to taste it since we just want to eat something light because it already at night so hahahahhaa :D Before this we cannot eat it because both of us always want to eat heavy food so yeahh hahahaha. We both have the same interest especially on food. So we can share our food without making a scene. We both really enjoy white chocolate like seriously our favourite when it comes to chocolate. White chocolate is a bae ♥ After that we got our boost and then mommy drive me back home. So to sum up, yesterday I really having fun, like a lot, I cannot even describe how much fun I feel especially spent my time with mommy playing all day long without worrying about anything. Really having an enjoyable moment :D We playing all day long and have a good food. We always looking forward for our new memories and experience together. Thanks mommy for willing to take a leave for spend time with me, I love you, no words can describe it :* I really want to share the picture and our videos that we take from yesterday, but we're both too sexy to reveal it, hahahahhaha :P xoxo S
Mommy's saying "jalan menuju ke hati awak" HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA
Thanks you for always taking care of me since Diploma until now, no ones can ever replace you *blowing kiss*
Good food + Good experience = Good day ;)