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Wednesday, July 17, 2013

It been a long time

Seriously , it been a long time I didn't post anything in my blog . It not that I don't want to post but the lazy feeling get over myself xD I post something now just because I'm too bored not doing anything at home today . Know what , there are so many thing that happen in my life lately , there a great thing and that a lie if nothing bad thing happen in my life but I succeed go through all the things :) I just hope that I will stay strong to go through all the things that gonna happen in my life in the future . Talking about something that gonna happen in my future , SPM TRIAL IS AROUND THE CORNER , haihh *sigh* Damn scared , I feel like I still not ready yet :'/ Anyway everyone know this I guess , it already Ramadhan , so I gonna take this opportunity to wish Happy Fasting to all Muslim :) Ohh yaa ,about the Trial SPM , I think . . . I really should work hard now , I should spend my time on Twitter less , I will try to study more harder now and try to spend most of my time with book . xoxo , S ♥