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Sunday, February 10, 2013

Dear My Baby Blog

Dear Blog , I miss you so much . . . It been a long time I guess I didn't publish anything on you and let you alone :/ So sorry , seriously I'm busy with school , and then I have tuition pluss the homework that teacher given and I need to be done all of it so I don't have a lot of time to typing . So sorry because I have make my blog becoming spider web but now I'm back again :D *clearing all the spider web* yahhh , so clean now , hehe . Anyway there a lot of things to tell since it been a long time I'm not blogging . Ohh yaa , my school give holiday one week for Chinese New Year , hoorayy . I'm so happy for the holiday but still I cannot enjoy it much since this year I'm taking an important paper , SPM ! so I need to study eventhough feeling so lazy xD and also there a lot of homework need to be done . Stop talking this , I know everyone also is now enjoying their Chinese New Year holiday , hee ~ Let me tell something , it has been 1 month and 9 days I have been Single :) Seriously so hard to forget about him , but what I must do ? I must continue my daily life as usual and also I need to focus on my study :) anyway thanks to my friend who always being at my side , cheering me up and advise me . I really appriciate all of it and I will follow your advise . Err , err this is awkward . . . let change topic , hmmm . . . ohh yaaa , I'm now spending a couple of day of my holiday at Mak Tam house :D okay , what to tell about ? sure a lot of things I want to share but so lazy to type , muahahaha xD anyway I want to tell something , I miss my blog so . . . so . . . much ;) xoxo , S ♥