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Sunday, April 29, 2012

Bloggie ♥

BLOGGIE , IMISSYOU ♥ Anyway hey all blogger , it been long time I don't post anything at my blog . I damn busy with my school , twitter and facebook :D I have many thing to share . You know that since I form 2 , I study at SMK BATU MUDA but now I currently studying at SMK SERI GOMBAK . I change my school since 28 March 2012 . Lot of peoples will ask me why did I change to the school , my answer to them just simple . I been ask by my ibu and ayah to study at there . When first I arrived at the school , I feel so down BUT know i feel more okayy then first time arrived at this school . I got many friend , they were all kind to me . 4G was awesome to me ♥ okayy , finish with my story about new school . Seriously I still miss BATU MUDA so much , friends at there , 4 Diamond , and most of it I miss my bestfriend AIN NURZIANA BINTI MOHD SAFRI :') Okayy , now I want to edit my BLOGGIE . Till then , xoxo , S ♥