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Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Braces Girl ♥

From now on you can call me a braces girl . Hahaha no lah just kidding . I am now officially wearing braces almost 2 weeks . Let me tell a little bit about when I started to wear braces . Ahaaa before I forgot , the dentist had to pull off my teeth and guess what , 4 tooth being pulled off from my gum T.T At first appointment 1 teeth , the second ones 2 teeth and the third appointment 1 last teeth . Ohh yeahhh finally finished , I feel the pain like hell , I hate injection like f*cking seriously . At 11 August I have appointment to wear braces but just at above . After wearing it , I don't feel comfortable at all and sometime I feel the pain but lucky the doctor already gave me the pain reliever pill . But seriously compared to the pain teeth being pulled off , it nothing much . I just ate instant porridge at that time since I stay at the rent house . I still having class for the next day . And at 27 August , finally I get to wear the braces at the below . Now my braces is completed , and guess what the rubber band for my braces in my favourite colour , PINK :D xoxo S