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Tuesday, October 15, 2013

15 Oktober 2013

It been a long time right since I post something on my blog , but here I am again posting something . Before that , there are many things happen during my disappearance on this blog :') I totally feel tired with all the circumstance that I have been faced and faced . Seriously , just give me a break . First things that happen that totally change everything is I totally SINGLE since 15 September 2013 , so today is my 1 Month I hold this status . It a lie when I say I don't miss him , or whatever bad things I say about him , I saying all that because I totally want to try to forget about him , the person who don't have feeling toward me . Thanks to those peoples that totally open up my mind and my heart so I don't have to hope or remember anything about him . You all must want to know what the things that those peoples say until I start to make decision to forget about him ? I guess it better I kept it to myself , tak baik buka aib orang . Cuma saya doakan agar dia berubah menjadi lebih baik and bahagia dengan hidup dia . For me it okay , since I mean my heart had been used to all those pain , but it a lie when I say I don't feel anything . For sure I still feel the pain so deeply until I feel that I totally dying inside :') But it okay , I already say that I used to all those pain so someday I will be okay even the scar will left inside my heart . I think I had enough with this love things , I don't want to be a stupid girl anymore who have a heart for a boy , for now I will build up a brick that will prevent me to fall in love again . . . For now I will just enjoy my life with my family , my bestfriends and my friends . I mean it better to be SINGLE since we don't have to take care someone heart , we also don't have to thinks about problem that we shouldn't think in our ages , we also free to friends with anyone , and many other more , so it okay become SINGLE right :) Other than I become single for 1 Month on this day , today also is his birthday . Eventhough now I trying to hate you , it doesn't mean I cannot wish you right ? so yeah Happy Birthday to you , hope all your wishes comes true and May Allah bless you and nahh also forget , during you couple with me you say you liking someone right , I think it a right decision to ask you to break up with me since later ' that girl ' will make your life more meaningful since you love her so much right , I'm here eventhough trying to hate you but no worries I will pray a good things happen in your life . So enjoy your life ! Okay , seriously I need to stop with those things , also today is Hari Raya Aidiladha so ' SELAMAT HARI RAYA AIDILADHA ' everyone , enjoy your raya , eat a lot :P Hah alsoo for Batch 96 like me , just wanna to remind COUNTDOWN SPM : 21 day left , haihhh cuak gilaa kan , nahhh it okay , do well okay , for me too , Good Luck :) P/S : Don't judge me when you don't know what really happen in my life xoxo , S ♥